Thursday, 8 August 2013

The line between commercial and advertising photography

Professional shoots in Delhi for requirement of advertising for the activities like brochure and catalog designing in Delhi by companies requires a clear demarcation between commercial and advertising photography. However, a commercial photography is entirely different from a general aspect of advertising known sake of art as fine art photography or photo journalism. For advertising agencies in Delhi, a client’s need could be quantified by both commercial as well as advertising photography aspect needs and requirements.
However, in both commercial as well as in advertising technique of photography, their always remain need and requirement of the most advanced advertising and digital art requirements. Both the technique uses a digital single lens release camera with and range of multiple lens cameras.  A faster camera provides maximum aperture and a faster shutter speed.  A commercial advertising photographer work is even composed of management of photographs as well. They are more into selling and managing images instead, so they require very excellent tools to do their photography assignments in quick random time.
Where advertising photography is, however, much broader than the limited techniques used in commercial photography, an advertising photographer merely not devises, the commercial or selling   aspect but also project lifestyles, concepts and ideas. An advertising photographer enjoys a great creative freedom and liberty in representing product, services, lifestyle and ideas, photographically. With the help of a professional photography, agency in brochure adn catalog designing the expertise of marketing, layout, business management and trends.     
Despite being similarity and closeness in every aspect of commercial and advertising photography, they both are quite different from each other with respect to photography focus and technique. With respect to commercial photography, it is consisted of photographs being taken of buildings, models, merchandise, artifacts and catalogs. Commercial photographs are extensively used for and in retail and wholesale sector for promotional efforts and activities. In the aspects of commercial photography, the entire photo shoot is generally gets being devoted to product range being photographed with varying aspect of lighting, styling and background.           

Thursday, 1 August 2013

Tips to make your logo more attractive and catchy…

Logo Designing Companies 

A logo of a brand or organization is a symbolic representation of its vision, mission and values in messaging at different platforms, whether; it is its internal communication or external communication with its employees, business partners and most importantly with customers.

A company can be easily differentiated from other company by its logo as being placed at marketing collaterals like Catalogs and Brochures in making, initially, and later on for an extensive branding and promotional campaign needs and requirements.

However, designing a logo takes a great effort and it is always advisable to seek professional services for its creation instead of doing some experimentation around it. Here are provided some useful tips when going to design a professional looking logo.

•    Be as much far away as possible from amateurish logo making website and software that offer cheap logo packages as resulting into ridiculous looking logos, while, tarnishing your business reputation and image.
•    Don’t rely upon excessively contemporary logo designing trends; somehow, let your logo lose its luster of timeliness. So logo should not be based around contemporary theme and ideas. The biggest hassle, while developing a logo is putting a corporate identity into it and hence it is necessary for graphic designer to go carefully about it.              

•    Logo designing, at most of the time should be done on vector graphic software as Adobe Illustrator or Corel Draw.  Using a raster graphic has many drawbacks with respect to its reproduction, as raster images can’t be reproduced to any size using production quality. It cannot be transferred into other media.     

•    A logo should be bound with user agreement, as each logo is always unique itself, hence the licensing agreement should always be exclusive and reserved with the client. A designer never should reflect his own image in logo. Even selection of font size in logo that should be exclusively according to nature and business activities. 

Reliance over colour should be last option in a logo designing, one even can choose to start logo designing from black and white. With respect to font, it is ideal not to use not more than two colors and finally once again the word of advice, doing it on your own gets assistance from a professional logo designing company.              

Wednesday, 31 July 2013

How to design an attractive and appealing product catalogue…

Product Catalogue different from a brochure with respect to size, target audience and call to action, requires a different approach in its designing, while it combines more of a product specifications has not much to say or discuss about pitching and lead generation. Yet one business can hire services catalogue making agency in Delhi NCR or some other place based on his business preferences.

So, what takes to design an interesting, elegant and purpose solving product catalogue:-         

First important point to design an elegant and selling product catalogue is it’s designing for the audience. A business-to-business (B2B) catalog happens to be very different than a business-to-consumer (B2C) catalog. And obviously catalog for a young person would entirely be different from an elder person.
The second important part to a product catalog designing and making its specifications and details as centrally based and focused around products and its services. It can be done through and by a larger product image in conjunction with befits, features and profit provided by it.   As larger the benefit offered by a product as bigger the product image adequately supported by a compelling copy.
Never get into an act of clubbing product images together as they rather result into poor product sales, instead, represent them separately or in smaller product groups. Then lifestyle shots with an interesting or aesthetic background could be put with lifestyle moods.      
Product images for the product catalogues are another great subject to be dealt with carefully, client supplied, web images or scanned images, mostly, are far below the resolution purposes of printing images. In this scenario, shooting your own product catalogue or hiring a professional photo shoot, instead of investing money into a dull looking product catalogue.   
As far as designing is concerned, the important items should be placed at top right side of the catalogue as it is human tendency to look at the right top side and area of product catalogue and gets noticed and comes into notice immediately, so, the most interesting and appealing products should be put at top of the catalogue pages. 
Also mention between cross selling of products mentioning other as well as website at the product catalogue. And finally, there is no need to mention about clarity and ample space between texts.

Sunday, 28 July 2013

Brochure and catalogue designing basics

Brochure Designing Agency 

A highly creative as well as adequately appealing to the marketing need of an organization, a right Brochure and catalogue making is an essential to achieve sales targets within prescribed timelines. Designing a brochure is always a good move to introduce yourself before your clients ahead of going into extended meetings with client’s extensions to your business activities.          

However, before getting into any brochure and catalogue designing act, there are many important points that a manager can consider before creating it as marketing collateral for an extensive business expansion activities or marketing plan. With limited resources at disposal and an elaborate workload at hand, an entrepreneur can seek assistance and guidance from an expert brochure or catalogue making company.

A brochure designing company is the right marketing consultants to assist in terms of creative design as well as right marketing content pitching you correctly before your clients.  So how to extend ahead and move forth for brochure designing, a brochure can merely a sheet of paper or card just typed on computer or a finely designed booklet developed by professional designer and printed on a glossy paper full of color printing and photographs.        

A well planned and designed brochure speaks a lot about your business and company.  According to a market expert’s opinion a brochure can be mailed befor and after a sales call or can be carried at a trade show. It rightly positions your business in market and communicates your business messages.
With respect to brochure creation and development, it relies heavily upon content and style to be followed in designing a brochure.  Content describes your product and services whereas style tell all about your business image. An effective and persuasive brochure just not identify your target audience but also present benefit and features of your product and services to them.       

So, when developing a brochure in co-ordination of brochure designing company the first thing to describe is a company’s capability, next is focus on your target audience’s need and requirement.  In case, if there is any space, the discussion could be carried about company’s background, history, etc.  For the style and look of the brochure, it is the amount of information you wish to provide, the catch point of your brochure and most importantly, what you wish to pay to your designer.
Thus, an appearance of brochure tells a lot about your product and company, therefore, the investment into the brochure should be similarly to same level to make it successful.


Friday, 26 July 2013

Role of Catalogue Designing in Brand positioning!

To get your brand into your audiences mind, especially, around it features and benefits at the top of other factors, surprisingly, undermining prices makes it definitely successful. However, agencies above all other factors, should, rather pay attention towards perception when brand loyalty is so flexible against the price sensitivity.  Colour Square has rather abridged this gap by projecting identical benefits as against its client’s competitors, they have very effectively has used Brochure designing and making in Delhi as sign of relief for business and industries in Delhi NCR region. Here is provided a successful strategy for a Brand to become successful in quick time with the of BTL (Below the Line) advertising activities.   
An agency can enhance brand positioning for its number of clients by adopting a number of measures and activities:-   

•    Recognizing a specific market and audience to work for: Positioning is all about the target audience and prompting them to come closer to a brand’s product and services and then buy them.   For example McDonald understood the needs of the urbanites to have quickly prepared snacks and did positioning as accordingly to cater to their needs and requirements.  An agency even goes beyond geographical boundaries in order to attain and target its specific audiences and markets.     

•    Recognize your specific mass market: Whenever, you are positioning into a market, never pitch against a rival competitor, but rather canvas your campaign on the needs and requirements of your consumers as what they are aspiring from your brand and services. An assistance and aid could be taken from elaborate marketing research tool and activities as qualitative research, focus group, marketing research activities, etc. On the basis of done research proper logo designing and corporate profile and presentation making can be done.            

•    Put a consumer’s perception into a brand positioning: Depiction of a consumer’s thought and ideas into a Brand positioning is a best way to raise a brand’s sale and profitability to a targeted level. An agency put ideas of qualitative research by the means of wisely knitted advertisement around them makes a reach of brand into a consumer’s psychology.   

•    Always keep on thinking out of the box and big: Never be afraid of thinking big and large despite, how badly your brand is fairing in the market. Keep on inventing and testing new ideas around the results of qualitative research and market research activities discussed and mentioned as above. A brand can quickly be switched around between age groups for liking preferences of the designated audiences.        

•    Tell Audiences about the benefits of Brand: An agency further popularize a brand by the means of pitching the campaign and other promotional activities around a products unique attributes with respect to utility and benefits to clients.     

This way by carrying an extensive Brand Positioning campaign, an advertising company can easily bring its client’s product and services into notice.