Thursday 1 August 2013

Tips to make your logo more attractive and catchy…

Logo Designing Companies 

A logo of a brand or organization is a symbolic representation of its vision, mission and values in messaging at different platforms, whether; it is its internal communication or external communication with its employees, business partners and most importantly with customers.

A company can be easily differentiated from other company by its logo as being placed at marketing collaterals like Catalogs and Brochures in making, initially, and later on for an extensive branding and promotional campaign needs and requirements.

However, designing a logo takes a great effort and it is always advisable to seek professional services for its creation instead of doing some experimentation around it. Here are provided some useful tips when going to design a professional looking logo.

•    Be as much far away as possible from amateurish logo making website and software that offer cheap logo packages as resulting into ridiculous looking logos, while, tarnishing your business reputation and image.
•    Don’t rely upon excessively contemporary logo designing trends; somehow, let your logo lose its luster of timeliness. So logo should not be based around contemporary theme and ideas. The biggest hassle, while developing a logo is putting a corporate identity into it and hence it is necessary for graphic designer to go carefully about it.              

•    Logo designing, at most of the time should be done on vector graphic software as Adobe Illustrator or Corel Draw.  Using a raster graphic has many drawbacks with respect to its reproduction, as raster images can’t be reproduced to any size using production quality. It cannot be transferred into other media.     

•    A logo should be bound with user agreement, as each logo is always unique itself, hence the licensing agreement should always be exclusive and reserved with the client. A designer never should reflect his own image in logo. Even selection of font size in logo that should be exclusively according to nature and business activities. 

Reliance over colour should be last option in a logo designing, one even can choose to start logo designing from black and white. With respect to font, it is ideal not to use not more than two colors and finally once again the word of advice, doing it on your own gets assistance from a professional logo designing company.              


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