Friday 26 July 2013

Role of Catalogue Designing in Brand positioning!

To get your brand into your audiences mind, especially, around it features and benefits at the top of other factors, surprisingly, undermining prices makes it definitely successful. However, agencies above all other factors, should, rather pay attention towards perception when brand loyalty is so flexible against the price sensitivity.  Colour Square has rather abridged this gap by projecting identical benefits as against its client’s competitors, they have very effectively has used Brochure designing and making in Delhi as sign of relief for business and industries in Delhi NCR region. Here is provided a successful strategy for a Brand to become successful in quick time with the of BTL (Below the Line) advertising activities.   
An agency can enhance brand positioning for its number of clients by adopting a number of measures and activities:-   

•    Recognizing a specific market and audience to work for: Positioning is all about the target audience and prompting them to come closer to a brand’s product and services and then buy them.   For example McDonald understood the needs of the urbanites to have quickly prepared snacks and did positioning as accordingly to cater to their needs and requirements.  An agency even goes beyond geographical boundaries in order to attain and target its specific audiences and markets.     

•    Recognize your specific mass market: Whenever, you are positioning into a market, never pitch against a rival competitor, but rather canvas your campaign on the needs and requirements of your consumers as what they are aspiring from your brand and services. An assistance and aid could be taken from elaborate marketing research tool and activities as qualitative research, focus group, marketing research activities, etc. On the basis of done research proper logo designing and corporate profile and presentation making can be done.            

•    Put a consumer’s perception into a brand positioning: Depiction of a consumer’s thought and ideas into a Brand positioning is a best way to raise a brand’s sale and profitability to a targeted level. An agency put ideas of qualitative research by the means of wisely knitted advertisement around them makes a reach of brand into a consumer’s psychology.   

•    Always keep on thinking out of the box and big: Never be afraid of thinking big and large despite, how badly your brand is fairing in the market. Keep on inventing and testing new ideas around the results of qualitative research and market research activities discussed and mentioned as above. A brand can quickly be switched around between age groups for liking preferences of the designated audiences.        

•    Tell Audiences about the benefits of Brand: An agency further popularize a brand by the means of pitching the campaign and other promotional activities around a products unique attributes with respect to utility and benefits to clients.     

This way by carrying an extensive Brand Positioning campaign, an advertising company can easily bring its client’s product and services into notice.       


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